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oh well fina-fucka-ly

so some random stories since im not in the mood to write too much...

i was at the mall the other day and i was listening to some music. and this happened to be the chorus of the song i was listening to:

"I'm not in love, but I'm gonna fuck you
'til somebody better comes along."

as it was blaring, this woman hears it cuz she looks at me and just smiles nods and winks... now mind you, this was marilyn manson and the woman was dressed rather modern chic... was funny...


as i was walking to the breezeway cafe, i saw a bird looking over something... i look closer and its a chic that i guess fell outta the tree... it was dead and didnt look like it was dead for long... either way, the living bird (its mom or dad was just pretty much making sure i got no where near the baby... i found it kinda funny and thought nothing else of it, especially since the momma bird was gone by the time i was walking back to the dorm. that was until i heard my older brothers story...

apparently a bird slammed into the window at his house and just dropped dead infront of his dog... as if it was a dream come true for the dog, he picks it up with its mouth and runs around the yard... my brother was chasing his dog to get the bird out of its mouth but he says the "damned-ist thing" happend... some other birds stared swooping in and attacking his dog... the dog dropped the bird and my brother picked up the dog and the other birds stopped attacking and surrounded thier friend who was pretty much dying or dead...

so in other words, birds mourn for their loved ones... weird...


so i was telling that first part of the story to my campaign group and Idalia just looks at me and says, "you always have the saddest stories..."

weird as well...
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