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My ego's bent and my pride's undone

I kind of like the blank way I fill up my life

David Glass
10 June
I'll show you a trick with ants when
The sun's high in the sky we can
Burn them up to crispy black shells
See them crunched by old, slow, slick snails

Light the fuse inside the dead bird
Feather flurries rain on our heads
Empty nest with three small brown eggs
We'll think of something before the night falls

Don't hurt a fly
they all sang
Don't rape a girl
in bright day
Don't kill anyone ever
Lay still and stand
this fever

The sun's just
A big glass
We're all ants...
I love you

...trail of dead, 12 rounds, 1984, 24, 311, a perfect circle, advertising, amores perros, at the drive-in, audioslave, bass guitar, batman, café tacuba, castlevania, cherry coke, coldplay, colorodo avalanche, comedy central, comics, cowboy bebop, dane cook, dark city, david bowie, david lynch, deftones, depeche mode, dilbert, dita von teese, edgar allen poe, edward scissorhands, emily dickinson, failure, family guy, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, filter, fiona apple, fiu, florida marlins, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, gamecube, garbage, george carlin, godzilla, helmet, his infernal majesty (him), hockey, homestar runner, honduras, idlewild, jack daniels, jane's addiction, joe rogan, jumbo, kenna, kfc, kids in the hall, king crimson, kylie minogue, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, los fabulosos cadillacs, lost highway, marilyn manson, megaman, memento, metric, metroid, ministry, moenia, mogwai, monty python, movies, mulholland drive, my bloody valentine, my vitriol, nerds, new order, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nintendo, nirvana, no doubt, oasis, office space, orgy, our lady peace, peach, pearl jam, phantom planet, pi, pink floyd, placebo, playing bass, pretty girls make graves, qotsa, queen, rammstein, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rival schools, rose mcgowan, sarcasm, science fiction, smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, stabbing westward, star wars, strawberries, suicidegirls, sunna, super smash bros. melee, sushi, swimming, tennesse titains, tequila, the beatles, the cardigans, the cars, the crow, the cure, the godfather, the hives, the mars volta, the matrix, the sandman, the sheild, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the start, tim burton, tool, transformers, travel, vex red, vincent gallo, vodka, weezer, wild turkey, william faulkner, year of the rabbit, zelda, zwan